Actress’s Diary

Actress’s Diary

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Autor: Oleksii Mukhin
Umfang: 32 Seite(n)
Sprache: русский
Verfasst: Juni 2017
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Kategorie: Belletristik » Krimi  |  Publikationsart: Erzählung
Stichworte: Russia, Moscow, Medvedev, political detective, murder, victim, actress, journalist, investigation

Actress’s Diary

The life and death of a great actress turns out to be in the hands of a society journalist, and her diary can change the outcome of the presidential elections in the country.

Für diesen Eintrag ist der Autor verantwortlich.

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An unusual story that happened to the protagonists of Alexey Mukhin's story is the only thing that unites them. They are so different, but they all want love and warmth, and to achieve this, they have to overcome mysticism, passion, love, pursuit with the shooting, and to get out from improbable, as it seems, situations, in which they managed to get in one night.

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