Euftis Emery began writing 'reality based' erotica in 2004 with his first anthology "Off the Chain". Since then he has amassed a cadre of loyal readers. Euftis tells his stories from a male perspective using witty humor separating his work from a big percentage of the erotica market.

If you're looking for erotica that is a little different. Give Euftis a try.

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Off the Chain Volume 2
Off the Chain Volume 2
Euftis Emery is the male answer to the females Zane. -- Diamond Divas  »more
Author: Euftis Emery | Category: Sex, Love & Erotic » Erotic Stories (Novel) | Views: 4863 | Sales Rank: - | Type: | Keywords: African American Erotica, African American Fiction, Erotica [+]
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Date: 03/23/2011
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