Jeff Bach has spent alot of time on the water in paddle and oar powered boats, ranging from the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota, USA, to the Salmon River in Idaho, USA. Along the way he has picked up the tools and some experience woodworking, especially when it comes to hand tools like the spokeshave and block plane. Making bent shaft laminated canoe paddles has proven to be a great combination of two things that he greatly... Read more

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Making a Bent Shaft Laminated Canoe Paddle
Making a Bent Shaft Laminated Canoe Paddle
This book is about the wood, tools, and materials for making a canoe  »more
Author: Jeff Bach | Category: Sports & Fitness » Water Sports (User guide) | Views: 3085 | Sales Rank: - | Type: | Keywords: paddle making, canoe paddles, bent shaft paddles [+]
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Date: 02/02/2014
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