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Photography - my passion and captivation since more than 40 years now. I was nine when I received my first camera - a Kodak Instamatic, using 126-catridge-film. This was the beginning. Soon after that I bought my first SLR camera, and nowadays I'm fully digitally-equipped.

I took my first nude photos when I was twenty, and I never stopped that. The nude is - besides portrait, beauty, architecture and landscape - an important part of my photographic... Read more

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Kimono Girl
Kimono Girl
18 years, cool, sullen and naughty, erotic-sensuous, she came into my  »more
Author: Winfried Hermann | Category: Lifestyle & Fashion » Sex & Erotics (Other) | Views: 2390 | Sales Rank: - | Type: | Keywords: Photography, Kimono, Nude, Portrait, Nude Photo [+]
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Date: 02/19/2015
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