Born in a remote area near Nyagweri Forest of Narok
County, Philip Keter went to school in Kilgoris and Narok
High School before going to Nairobi to study Marketing
and Salesmanship. He later served as a Marketing & Salesmanship

In 1997, Keter went for a Ranger Training in South Africaand later studied Environmental Management, Zoology Stream. He has worked for Walt Disney World Hospitality in Florida, United States of America.
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Wildlife Within The Maasai Mara
Wildlife Within The Maasai Mara
Information guide book to wild animals and plants in the Maasai Maara  »more
Author: Philip Keter | Category: Guidebooks » Nature (Guidebook) | Views: 1299 | Sales Rank: 17 | Type: | Keywords: Wild animals, Masai people, animal migration, predators, prey [+]
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Date: 01/29/2016
Price: $ 33.51
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