C.J Charles is a first time author and brigand, he was born very young, and really didn't grow in grace past the age of four years, when his mother assures him he was the perfect gentlemen. He maintains things however went down hill from there.

After a traditional single sex boarding school incarceration consisting of Rugby Running and Rain, he got lost into tertiary education, girls, alcohol and fast cars, before stumbling into selling things.

Finally after a very long time... Lesen Sie mehr

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Dragons Unleashed
Dragons Unleashed
Journey into the distant past to meet a different kind of Dragon.  »mehr
Autor: C.J. Charles | Kategorie: Belletristik » Fantasy (Roman) | Views: 8505 | Verkaufsrang: - | Format: | Stichworte: fantasy, young adult, Dragons, sword and sorcery, magic [+]
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