After Goya

After Goya

A Novel

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Autor: Haarlson Phillipps
Umfang: 304 Seite(n)
Sprache: English
Verfasst: Juni 2011
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Kategorie: Belletristik » Krimi  |  Publikationsart: Roman
Stichworte: art, crime, Spain, Madrid, Málaga, Córdoba, Zaragoza, Belchite, Goya, murder, Sección Femenina, Spanish Cvil War,

Art, intrigue, murder and political ambition in modern-day Spain

"An intelligent literary thriller ... better than the so-called blockbusters I used to read when Head Buyer at Waterstone's," Scott Pack, Publisher at The Friday Project - a UK imprint of HarperCollins.

Can two miniature paintings bring down a government? When a young woman is bequeathed two paintings - presumed destroyed during the siege of Madrid in 1936 - a simple errand becomes a deadly chase. The new blood of Europe encounters the old Blood of Spain, revealing secret allegiances and ambitions of power, as an international cast of characters journey to the dark soul of Spain's ignoble past. Greed, envy, vanity, pride and lust fuel a murderous hunt for ... vengeance? supremacy? or truth? After Goya will change your idea of Spain.

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Haarlson Phillipps | Autor auf

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Haarlson Phillipps was born in London next door to a notorious prison and has been on the run ever since, having lived in Valletta (Malta), Reddish, Manchester, Cheltenham, Bishop's Cleeve, Cardiff, Hassall House Farm, Lancaster, Saltburn by the Sea and Durham. He now lives in Barcelona.

Haarlson Phillipps is the author of After Goya,an "intelligent literary thriller" set in present day Spain, and Heavensfield, a crime novel set in the north of England. He has had short stories published in several journals, most recently in issue number five of Barcelona, INK magazine.

He teaches at Hospital Clínic, Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge and at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

When not reading and writing Haarlson enjoys good food and drink shared in good company, cooking, hill walking, visiting art galleries and museums,and pretending to practice castellano and catalan.

Haarlson is currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories. You can catch up with Haarlson at

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