100% Panama-English

100% Panama-English

..and the Pearls of Uschi

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Author: Stefan Eckert
Length: 33 page(s)
Language: Deutsch
Written: Oct 2011
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Views: 4440

Category: Fiction & Literature » Humour  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: european, funny adventure, stefan eckert, cynical humor, funny characters, short but sweet

First English Version of the humoruos "100%" Bookseries!

Dear Reader,
Gladly you found my Book about my Buddy 100% Panama. Since I did not find a better Translator than a Mr. or Miss "Goggle", (but dont blame them, it was me, best, you dont blame anybody) you must take, what you get...call it style;-) for my Book (originaly German), I hope, you understand everything. Not that details would matter. Please just imagen, that some German Guy tells you a Story inbetween Subwaystations.
The only cause of this book is to entertain you, get you out of the everyday Routine and bring your to the south of Spain, at least for a short while.. Have fun.

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About the Author

Stefan Eckert | Author on XinXii.com

Member since: Apr 2011
Publications on XinXii:  8

The author:
Born 09/03/1962 in Passau, Lower Bavaria
- 66-68 emigration attempt by parents to Canada.
- 68-73 Landshut / Nbb, school attendance, with moderate success
- 73-75 Munich, another school failure
- 75-79 Munich, demolition of the school, demolition of three training places (car mechanic, offset printers, concrete workers)
- 79-82 Berlin, urban warfare
- 82-84 New York, character education
- 84-86 Berlin, urban warfare II
- 86-90 Munich, partner (20%) and manager/Restaurant Zest
- 88 birth of my daughter
- 89 marriage to my wife
- 90-93 Munich, management nightclub "Babalu"
- 93-95 Hamburg, Production Manager "Press Sonic"
- 95-00 Hamburg, Editor, Director, CEO MME-Online
- 00-08 Hamburg, various surgical treatments/Brain tumor
- 09 Berlin, radiotherapy /Tumor
- 10-?? Berlin, defeated the tumor, restart as an author, painter, photographer

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