100 Scenes

100 Scenes

An Asemic Graphic Novel

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Author: Tim Gaze
Length: 108 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2018
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Category: Art » Painting & Drawing  |  Work: Sonstiges
Keywords: asemic, decalcomania, Tim Gaze,

An Asemic Graphic Novel

“...an open novel, for you to project your mind into. Every page is a stimulating field for your imagination...”

The images are raw scans of original pages made using cheap acrylic paint on sheets of ordinary office paper. The pages were made over a period of 4 or 5 years. It took a few weeks to select which hundred to assemble into this book, and a few more weeks to decide on which order to put the pages.

Most of the marks were made using a technique known as decalcomania. You spread ink or paint on a surface, then print off that surface, which results in chaotic, organic, blotty shapes. The Surrealist artist Oscar Domínguez invented this technique in 1936. Max Ernst made several paintings which used decalcomania along with other techniques.

Among other places, Tim Gaze is proud of the work published in Abstract Comics: The Anthology, VLAK 1, noology & 100 Scenes. He lives in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

“Nobody has attempted a whole novel in this style before!”

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About the Author

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Tim Gaze is a world pioneer in the radical art form known as “asemic writing”. Following the publication of the first volume of “glitch poetry”, his abstract comics sequence was published in Abstract Comics: the Anthology, editor Andrei Molotiu inviting him to participate in a 2009 exhibition in New York City.

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