50 Shades of China

50 Shades of China

A bundle of Cultureshocking News

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Author: Jiu Ling
Length: 298 page(s)
Written: May 2015
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Views: 2024

Category: Travel & Emigration » Travel Know-how  |  Work: Guidebook
Keywords: 50, fifty, shades, of, China, Chinese, culture, etiquette, guide, business, travel, comedy, best, behaved, most, misbehaved, country, Jiu, Ling, manners

China Most Misbehaved Country & China Best Behaved Country

A 2-in-1 bundle: Combine the BEST and the MOST to discover Chinese etiquette in all its 50 Shades!

CHINA BEST BEHAVED COUNTRY - A guide to Chinese etiquette: The intercultural encounter with China is a challenge. Prime your pump in your business, travel, study or politics mission. This book is for the noob to the expert throughout, offering enlightening insight on Chinese etiquette ("The China Sparkle", "China: A Maze"); hands-on examples ("The story of the wedding couple's gift", "The story of the couple who got drunk") and expert solutions ("Pro Mode", "Pro Mode 2"). Learn why it's best to know that you don't know... and still go pro. Boost your Three T's as in Talks, Trust & Timing with a focus chapter on communication. This guide to Chinese etiquette gives you all the essentials from a fresh and entertaining perspective.

CHINA MOST MISBEHAVED COUNTRY - A guide to Chinese etiquette: A comedy complement to the unconventional CHINA BEST BEHAVED COUNTRY, going pop and punk with stereotypes, images and the fear of using them both. It offers you concrete scenarios in colorful anecdotes.

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Julian Grossherr (M.A. China Studies, Leiden University) speaks six languages, works as a researcher and Chinese teacher and is author of various non-fiction books. Under his Chinese name Jiu Ling he released a comedy guide to Chinese etiquette, "50 Shades of China".

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Julian Grossherr (M.A. Chinastudien, Universität Leiden) spricht 6 Sprachen, arbeitet als Researcher, Chinesischlehrer und ist Autor verschiedener Sachbücher. Sein China-Knigge 50 Shades of China erschien auf Englisch unter dem Pseudonym Jiu Ling.

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