Pamela Pearson

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Author: Alex Rosaria
Length: 25 page(s)
Written: Jan 2012
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Horror  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: ghost story, haunted house, missing persons, female detective, 1900s, present, timeshifting, short story, ghosts

Horror/Haunted House Short Story

Pamela Pearson, a young green police detective, knocks on the door of an old house at Silvermine street 20 to follow up on a missing person lead. Little does she knows what is waiting for her behind that door.

Odd occurrences she can't explain start to happen in the house. Is she safe? Will she find the missing man? Trapped and alone she has to find him, and a way to escape before whatever lives in the house gets to her.

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About the Author

Alex Rosaria | Author on XinXii.com

Member since: Jan 2012
Publications on XinXii:  1
Alex Rosaria writes mainly horror stories, but also likes to branch out to other genres when his creativity demands it.

He loves the freedom writing gives in creating any story that transforms in his mind, and to share this with anyone willing to read it.

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