Accept One

Accept One

Accept One - Book Two of The Tether Saga

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Author: Nicholas Davis
Length: 210 page(s)
Written: Apr 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Baltimore, USA, fantasy, action adventure, enchantments, angel, tether, gritty, urban fantasy, demon, vampire

Friendships shatter in book two of the Tether Saga

It’s been two months since Sarah and the Tether’s Angelic Guardian Paul defeated the Dark and she just wants everything to return to normal. Except normal is not an option for the Tether Keeper, even one as reluctant as Sarah; persuaded by CT to assist in an investigation which ultimately costs them their friendship. The Custodiet under the seemingly benign leadership of Ms.Divens step in and Sarah finds herself in over her head as a creature of the night long thought extinct comes to Baltimore... And the whisper of Vampire fills the city with fear...

The long awaited sequel to The Tether, Accept One is book two of The Tether set against the real back drop of Baltimore city, this Paranormal action fantasy adventure by Nick Davis picks up where The Tether None Good left off. Sarah continues her journey as the Tether Keeper, and stumbles upon some unexpected allies as she is pulled reluctantly deeper into a world that exists just under the surface of our reality.

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Nick Davis is an Englishman currently living on the East Coast of the USA not too far removed from Charm City (aka Baltimore). He is a former White Dwarf feature writer, now freelance content creator and fully employed Web Designer.

He is married to a very patient Irish American lady and has four children. When Nick is not working, running errands, playing with his kids or burrowing through an ever growing list of ongoing house 'projects'. He can be found plodding away on a keyboard exploring the worlds of his imagination that takes our reality and twists it around just a couple of degrees...

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