Accounting For The Civil War

Accounting For The Civil War

Not Your Typical United States History Book

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Author: Dr. Vernette M. Carlson
Length: 174 page(s)
Written: Nov 2012
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Keywords: United States History, Silk production in the United States, Slavery, United States Census, Illustrated United States History, Coffee substitutes, Immigration, Natural resources, Abolition

Not your typical history book; open and gaze within, see the past as rarely seen

After so many books have been written about the civil war, is there anything new left to say? Indeed there is as author Vernette Carlson proves in her new book. She provides a unique look at the critical antebellum and civil war years that is is both original and fascinating. Using census data and other primary sources as her launch point, she examines the human, economic and resource factors that are so important in determining the outcome of a war, and that are so often under emphasized. She shows that this innovative way of examining the war can answer a number of critical questions: Was the outcome foreseen? Would the outcome have been different if the war had started in 1850 instead of 1860? Did immigration tip the balance of power between north and south? What effect did western expansion have on the war? The reader will learn the answers to these and a whole host of other key questions in Dr. Carlson's important new book.

"A fascinating account of the American Civil War, based on a rich variety of sources from the time."—David Voelker, PhD, Professor of History , University of Wisconsin, Green Bay .

“Dr. Carlson provides a picture of . . . the Civil War . . . often missed by the nonprofessional student of American history. . . most certainly not the usual U. S. history book.”—Mark Johnson, PhD.

“The factors that led to the war between the states had profound beginnings that are well substantiated in the book.”—William H. Anderson, PhD, Regional Chief Scientist (retired), National Capital Region, National Park Service.

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