ACTUATOR 2014 Manuscript A6.3

ACTUATOR 2014 Manuscript A6.3

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Author: Hubert Borgmann
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Written: Apr 2015
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Keywords: micropump, piezo, actuator, glaucoma, phthisis, CLPT, model, optimization

Manuscript A6.3 published in Conference Proceedings ACTUATOR 2014

Optimization of a Piezoelectric Micropump Actuator for Medical Application in Glaucoma and Phthisis

C.W. Jenke1, S. Kibler1, Y. Gao1, A. Hollot², T. Neuhann3, B. Kirchhof4, B. Montag5, M. Geiger6,
J. Neitzel7, C. Kutter1, M. Richter1
1Fraunhofer EMFT, München, Germany
2DUALIS MedTech GmbH, Seefeld, Germany
3Augenärzte Prof. Thomas Neuhann & Kollegen, München, Germany
4Klinikum der Universität zu Köln, Köln, Germany
5Geuder AG, Heidelberg, Germany
6Binder Elektronik GmbH, Sinsheim, Germany
7jvi GmbH, Deckenpfronn, Germany

The goal in this project was to design a micropump that enables a therapy for the eye diseases glaucoma and phthisis. By adding or removing eye liquid with an implant system, the intraocular pressure is to be manipulated to a healthy level. The main challenges of the implant are to fulfill the fluidic requirements as well as minimize the overall system size to fit within the eye cavity. A piezoelectric micropump actuator has been optimized to address the requirements of flow rates _6μl/min and a pressure ability of _120kPa while limiting the operating voltage to 150V and providing good energy efficiency to minimize the implant size. A Mathematica simulation has been performed to balance different performance values like the inverse proportional maximum pressure ability and flowrate. Driving the piezo at a pump frequency of 25Hz the estimated real flow rate will be around
110μl/min. Applying the necessary average flow rate of 2μl/min for glaucoma patients the system only needs to be active for less than half an hour per day, making a treatment adjusted by a physician feasible.

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