ACTUATOR 2014 Manuskript Poster 67

ACTUATOR 2014 Manuskript Poster 67

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Author: Hubert Borgmann
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Written: May 2015
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Category: Sciences & Research » Engineering  |  Work: Article
Keywords: Dielectric electroactive Polymers (DEAP), DEAP Actuator, Model, Design Optimisation

Manuscript Poster 67 published in Conference Proceedings ACTUATOR 2014

Model-Based Design Optimisation Rules for DEAP Stack-Actuators

T. Hoffstadt, D. Tepel, J. Maas
Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Lemgo, Germany

Actuators based on dielectric elastomers use the electrostatic pressure to convert electrical into mechanical energy. Stack-actuators are a common approach to realise multilayer pull-actuators for positioning applications. Characteristic quantities of these actuators are the blocking-force and the no-load-stretch. Thus, the influence of the applied electrical energy on these mechanical characteristics as well as their scalability by material and free design parameters is investigated to obtain model-based design rules. To further optimise the overall design of the actuator approaches to integrate safety mechanisms are presented that avoid an electrical failure of the whole actuator in case of a dielectric breakdown in one actuator film.

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