Return of the Black Astrumitors

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Author: M.C. Mazzucato
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 287 page(s)
Written: Jan 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Ruby, Fantastic, Silver, Chronicles, Games, Harry, Phoenix, Adventures, Mythical creature, Friends, Fantasy, Fight, Wizard, Magic, Hunger games, Divergent, x-men, dark, gifted people, first love

Murderous creatures. Ancient relicts. Lethal rituals. Fight to survive.

"The black astrumitors are back..." A cold shiver runs down Jessy's spine. She has never heard fear in her grandfather's voice before. This time it is different. A dismal future full of dark shadows is dawning... Jessy's life changes abruptly. She is snatched from her idyllic world. Which unfamiliar power threatens her peaceful Planet Adunoss, the mysterious sister planet of the Earth? On her search for answers, she gets to the true motives of a sinister plan and experiences the biggest adventure in her life at the same time. Murderous creatures. Ancient relicts. Lethal rituals. The black astrumitor wants to take humankind back to a dark era of fear and dread none of the two planets have ever experienced. Its aim: the downfall of our civilization. Jessy's exceptional abilities are getting stronger from day to day. Together with her friends, she leads off the fight!

A fantasy novel for all age groups! Fascinating and thrilling!

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M.C. Mazzucato ist schon seit ihrer Kindheit von längst vergangenen Kulturen, Mythen und Fantasy begeistert. Bücher, vor allem antike Bücher und deren geheimes Wissen, sind nach wie vor ihre Leidenschaft. Alte Kulturen, Relikte und deren dunkle Geheimnisse inspirierten die Autorin zum Schreiben.
Reisen sind Abenteuer – in jeder Welt ... Adunoss ist eine faszinierende Fantasywelt, nur einen Hauch von der realen entfernt.
Für junge und erwachsene Leser gleichermaßen interessant, spannend und mitreißend.

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