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Written: May 2014
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Keywords: Communities, Petroleum, Birth, Children, University.Sweet Mother

Ajoke the Sweet Mother is parked full with life irrefutable lessons.

Ajoke the Sweet Mother is one of our best sellers in our fiction novels.
Oral tradition had it that Ireti town came into being over one thousand years ago after the great war known as Fugaba war .Ireti town is the setting of this novel.

Greed and aggressive love of money suddenly became widespread in Ireti town, things started to change for the worse. These changes brought sleepless night, misery and pain of unimaginable magnitude. A young woman whose exemplary life style brought her fame and fortune was to change this ugly trend of events in Ireti town. Ireti town began to prosper again and sanity returned. The name of this young woman was Ajoke.

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Sylvester Anyahara holds a Masters degree from University of Lagos. He is a prolific writer whose books are being read by thousands of people in Nigeria and around the world. He is constantly making contributions to the social media on several regional and global contemporary issues.

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