Aquifer 2 Crossing lines

Aquifer 2 Crossing lines

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Author: Eduard Meinema
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 300 page(s)
Written: Apr 2018
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: mermaids, aquiferians, oceanlife, exploring, shopping queen, Daebob, Pinky, adventure, chicklit, humorous

The word is out. Who said mermaids exist?

Who said mermaids exist? A wonderful week of vacation - filled with city trips - is rudely interrupted even before Pinky can spend all her money on shopping. Pinky gets told that someone leaked information on the existence of the Aquiferians. The life of the recently discovered ocean people is in danger.

As it appears that some Aquiferians are also taken prisoners, Pinky and her friends need to take action; they must come to the rescue. Racing the clock they have to find out who could not keep his mouth shut about the recently discovered creatures. In their attempts to release and to save the Aquiferians, Pinky and her friends have to deal with unexpected situations and fight unknown enemies. Old friends suddenly are no longer friends; while new friends create more unexpected problems, tensions and… problematic romances.

Co-written with Jeske Meinema

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About the Author

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Eduard Meinema writes in an exciting and humorous style. He creates intense, passionate and mysterious stories filled with unexpected twists which will seduce anyone to finish reading at full speed. He refers to his mystery novels as 'Social Thrillers'. Stories including both suspense and social aspects. His novels also include horror; science fiction; young adult and edgy romance (Chicklit, if you like). The popular romance series is called Porsha.

Besides writing Meinema also creates works of art, including so called 'lyric abstract' paintings. Expressionistic works made of Acrylics and Sand. But also Pop-art, including characters known as 'Skredches' (Yes! There is a blog:check out the official site to find blog feeds!!) paintings. As Meinema says: "Ah! I love fish. Love to see them. Love to keep them. Breed them, paint them, eat them... (ouch, sorry for that...). Oh yeah, I love fish in each and every way."

Meinema, born 1963 (Delft, The Netherlands) is former CEO of a temp office, specialized in contracting technicians. Together with his wife he has managed a gallery for contemporary art and jewelry for more than ten years. Nowadays Meinema is fulltime writer and visual artist.

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