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Author: Miss Irene Clearmont
Length: 175 page(s)
Written: May 2012
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Erotica  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: male slave, cuckold, forced oral, BDSM, male chastity, femdom, female supremacy, interracial, bisexual, fetish,

An executive is enslaved by his young German housekeeper

Miss Irene Clearmont’s latest tale gives us the story of William, a god in his own mind whose fragile kingdom is about to be revealed for the palace of paper it really is by his new maid.

In the very final stage of divorce from the long-suffering and cheated Sandra, his domestic life is in chaos without her and not about to be improved when his bitter ex-wife and her calculating friend, Kamali, conspire to land him with a young German housekeeper. A young German housekeeper who is about to be let go by a friend of Kamali after proving such a disruptive influence upon the life of her family and, more importantly, the affections of her husband.

Impressed by his new housekeeper’s hard-work and organisational skills, the domestically idle William cedes more and more responsibility to her without realising she has no intention of ever handing it back. Before he knows it – and in ways exceeding the intentions of Sandra and Kamali – his life is no longer his own and soon he is spiralling down into a life of servitude as he attempts to keep the young German girl he has become obsessed with by his side.

It would have been better for both his pride and his manhood if he had simply let her go.

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