Aspects of Inner Emigration in Hannah Höch 1933 – 1945

Aspects of Inner Emigration in Hannah Höch 1933 – 1945

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Author: Monika Wenke
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Written: Feb 2012
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Category: Art » Painting & Drawing  |  Work: Dissertation
Keywords: Hannah Höch, Inner Emigration, Dada, Art, Kunst, Collage, Third Reich

Aspects of Inner Emigration in Hannah Höch 1933 – 1945

The Third Reich is still a sore point in German history and in many areas it is still rarely dealt with. This also applies to many artists who did not flee Nazi Germany but are known as artists of the “inner emigration” such as the German artist Hannah Höch. The dissertation closes this gap in the reception of Hannah Höch by analyzing and reviewing this “dark period” from 1933 to 1945.
In public perception the “inner emigration” of artists is a very controversial theme that went from total ignorance of the fact to denial and accusations of corruption to an idealization as the only true resistance. The essay illustrates Hannah Höch’s personal path into inner emigration and shows how she survived between opposition and conformity. Using public records in addition to diaries and personal statements, it clears up some common misconceptions.

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