Astral story book, part4

Astral story book, part4

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Author: Asja Ehrke
Length: 4 page(s)
Written: Nov 2011
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Category: Esoterism » Energie  |  Work: Case study
Keywords: astral, negativity, power, energie, cords, trauma, self awareness, pastlife, trigger of emotional reactions bringing back to trauma, boundaries, healthy, God consiousness, light, peace, safety, healing.

Giving away the power to be in God versus having a healthy boundary (be in God)

2 sides/perspectives of giving away the power to be in God/Good and stay in this sense of self,
(or Interaction of invasive cords and injuries out of negativity),
versus having a healthy boundary (be in God)

this is only a one thing very short but the more important part of the astral story book. only 2 sites, with description of the text, it's 4.

another case study for those who like to learn interactions of negativity in the astral on an advanced spiritual level.

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Asja Ehrke is a student of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe and has completed 4 years of the professional studies program.

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