At The Edge of Nowhere

At The Edge of Nowhere

A Lombard Alchemist Tale

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Author: J. Daniel Sawyer
Length: 20 page(s)
Written: Aug 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: horror, crime, death, demon, fantasy, paranormal, magic, theft, violence, gothic, nightmares, satan, ghost, prostitution, time travel, vegas, white slavery, homelessness, twilight zone, flannery oconnor, disturbing, totem, new weird, pawnshop, pocket watch, fob

A starving man steals a watch from a demonic pawn shop.

Spend enough time at the end of your rope, and you'll make some bad choices--make enough of them, and your choices start making themselves. But when you're a nineteen year old boy living on the streets with no money for food, you find salvation anywhere you can. Maybe in a dumpster, or a brothel, or a gun. Or maybe in a creepy, cold pawn shop, in a broken down city at the edge of nowhere.

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About the Author

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J. Daniel Sawyer is a hat-wearing, obsessive-compulsive autodidact attempting to write his way out of the loony bin.
A self-aggrandizing science fiction and fantasy author who publishes lurid stories and, worse, the occasional popular philosophy article, he is also a very minor authority on Open Source media production (a topic on which he is, unfortunately, published regularly in LinuxJournal).
In addition to his wanton abuse of the printed word, he unscrupulously uses his decade-long experience as an audio and video producer with his painfully florid and gritty writing style to create deeply immersive audio universes. This habit, which he indulges in public, has garnered him seven Parsec nominations and helped him make his first professional fiction and philosophy sales (a trend which, for the good of the world at large, we can only hope abates soon). Meanwhile, his growing, rabid fan-base is currently plotting to imprison him and force him to produce endless new literary abominations for their amusement. We can only hope they succeed.
Should you be so inclined, you can communicate with this shady character, as well as find podcasts, articles, and other literary abominations at

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