Athena: Queen of the Air (Annotated Edition)

Athena: Queen of the Air (Annotated Edition)

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Author: John Ruskin
Length: 131 page(s)
Written: Mar 2013
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Keywords: art, art criticism, Greek Mythology, Mythology, Goddesses, Goddess Mythology, Greek Goddesses, John Ruskin, Tim Kavi, TiLu Press, Athena,

A work of Greek mythology and art criticism that primarily discusses Athena

'Athena: Queen of the Air' is an interesting work of Greek Mythology and art criticism that discusses the Goddess Athena.

Previously published in 1869, 'Athena: Queen of the Air' by John Ruskin was originally titled: 'The Queen of the Air: Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm'. That previous edition is a public domain work.

The newer 2013 edition, has been retitled: 'Athena: Queen of the Air'for modern readers. The 2013 Edition includes extensive new material that is original, annotative, and introductory content that has not been included in any previous editions. Consequently this edition is copyright 2013 by TiLu Press.

This new material should be of interest to students of Greek mythology and others who are interested in this Goddess and the writings of John Ruskin. This material includes an introduction to the 2013 edition by the publisher, TiLu Press. Other new content by Kelli M. Webert is titled 'Athena: Queen of the Air and Breath of Inspiration' and 'Athena: Goddess of War and Wisdom' is by American poet, Tim Kavi. Finally, we conclude the original and annotative aspects of this work with Kelli M. Webert's chapter: 'A Brief Biography of John Ruskin'.

Students of Greek Mythology, those interested in Goddesses, and those art students and art lovers who appreciate astute observations from a well known writer, art critic, and painter should enjoy this work in ePub format.

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John Ruskin (1819-1900) is commonly thought to be the leading art critic of the Victorian Era in England. In addition to his writing and work in the art field, Ruskin spent much time writing on geology, architecture, myth, politics, the economy, botany, literature and education. Today, his work is commonly associated with environmentalism and sustainability, an area of study he gave much attention during his lifetime

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