Avaya Zertifizierung 2D00056A Prüfungsfragen

Avaya Zertifizierung 2D00056A Prüfungsfragen

it-Prüfungen 2D00056A Schulungsunterlagen APSS Avaya Networking

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What does Avaya mean with delivering a "fit-for-purpose" solution?

A. A fit-for-purpose network should offer the lowest priced solution
B. A fit-for-purpose network provides more resiliency, better performance, less TCO, all while using less energy
C. A fit-for-purpose network should experiment with the latest architectures and protocols
D. A fit-for-purpose network only needs to implement a minimum of resiliency

Answer: A


Your colleague is finalizing an Avaya Aura project with a customer. He found out that some of the existing non-Avaya edge switches will also need to be replaced and asks you "What kind of savings do Avaya Edge Switches offer over the competition?" Which three of the following reasons would you offer him? (Select three)

A. Avaya Edge Switches can run on DC power, which enable up to 30% energy savings.
B. Huge time savings because there is no need provision each phone and each edge switch manually.
C. It eliminates human error in ensuring that the correct VLAN and QoS setting get assigned to each device automatically.
D. When Miercom tested the ERS 4548GT-PWR series for example, they found that on D average it was 20-25% more energy efficient than the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X solution and the HP E4500 series solution and 50% more efficient than the Juniper EX 4200.

Answer: A,C,D


Which three of the following are attributes of the Avaya Networking Management

Suite:(select three)

A. Integrated node bridging
B. Partner Integration
C. Access and Policy
D. Event and Performance
E. Clean air utility

Answer: B,C,D


There are 4 Global Support Services portfolios that are available to the Customer; Direct, Retail, Wholesale, and Co-Delivery. Which of these portfolios is sold only by Avaya and not by Partners?

A. Direct (GX5300)
B. Wholesale (Express) GX6300
C. Co-Delivery (PASS) GX4300
D. Retail (US Only) GX6100

Answer: B


Avaya has a distinct advantage in the market because, unlike other vendors, our Fabric solution is not exclusive to only the largest and most expensive products. Which Avaya products currently support for our Fabric Connect technology? (Select three)

A. ERS 3500 (typically used at the Branch Edge)
B. VSP 9000 and ERS 8800 (typically used in the Core)
C. ERS 4800 and VSP 4000 (typically used at the Wiring Closet Edge)
D. VSP 7000 (typically used at the Data Center Edge)

Answer: A,C,D

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