An Erotic Adventure of Spirit and Sensuality

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Author: Christine Leov-Lealand
Length: 228 page(s)
Written: June 2011
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Erotica  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: shaman, best seller, sex, desire, bdsm, lust, tropical, sensual, New Zealand, avocado, wet dreams, adult desire, jah, dreadlocks, India, wicked, juicy, beach, kinky, fun, comedy, sensual

A tropical paradise of secrets and seductions, dreadlocks & avocados

Stuart and Dawn meet in a New Zealand tropical paradise. Avocados, shamanism, India and several sexually wicked and comic characters feature in this popular sensual novel from New Zealand's authentic erotic voice: Christine Leov Lealand Best-selling in hard copy and now available for your e-book enjoyment.

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Christine Comments:- 'May you have an interesting life' This was the star I was born under. Is it a curse or is it fulfilling fun? I'm into history, biography, kinky erotica, healing, sexuality and sexology - and much more...'

Christine Leov-Lealand was born in the South Island of New Zealand, for the early part of her life her family lived on a remote island. It is a result of the remoteness of the early part of her life to which Christine ascribes her varied writing ability. Reading and writing were the only intellectual activities available and adult books were her daily read.

A biographer and historian Christine has also written a series of three erotic novels:- Quintessence, Avocado and Astride. Published in print they have been best-sellers for the past 10 years and are now available in ebook here for your enjoyment. Other books available are Barry Brickell: A Head of Steam a biography of potter, railway builder and enthusiast Barry Brickell.

Christine and co-writer AJ Burton are working on an exciting project - a Steampunk Adventure Romance set in Atlantis and Ancient Crete. Watch out for it soon on xinxii.com!

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