Bangkok Exit

Bangkok Exit

Seized, Stung and Stripped in Thailand

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Author: Ryan Humphreys
Length: 276 page(s)
Written: Apr 2011
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Keywords: Thailand, teacher

Working as teacher in Thailand

Teachers College didn’t prepare him for this!

Stung by a scorpion, coerced into singing an 80’s Karaoke love duet with his tearful boss - twice, performing military drills under the guise of teacher development and living in a desolate, eerie house surrounded by swamp and jungle are a sample of Ryan Humphreys’ amazing but true experiences during his first year of teaching in a Thai school, traveling throughout Thailand and adapting to life in a new and exotic country. This good life abroad story is filled with suspense, travel, romance, and most importantly, lots of humor.

Join Ryan on his stimulating journey through exotic Thailand as he reveals a side of this fascinating country and its people you have never seen.

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About the Author

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Ryan is a 30-year-old Canadian from Vancouver. He has lived in Bangkok for five years and is currently a teacher at a Bangkok International school.

In the past two years he has written travel articles published in Kansai Time Out (Osaka, Japan), Go World Travel Magazine and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Ryan is currently completing a second book, set in Southeast Asia, about a man's search for his daughter.

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