Battle For Your Sacrifice

Battle For Your Sacrifice

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Author: Daniel Kapeleti
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 78 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Aug 2017
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Spirituality  |  Work: Sonstiges
Keywords: Faith, conversion, Sarajevo, Bosnia,

Character is forever shaped by the battle. The battle for your sacrifice.

Fog gathered across the stream of the Miljacka river. Daniel went out of the apartment block building, his stomach feeling an ever present jab. He had a distance to run, but would rather stay home and read. Several years ago he had made the commitment to exercise and hoped to keep it a habit for the rest of his life. All other facets of his life depended on this new habit and yet, his flesh was craving to quit. The spiritual master who gave him the instruction to run, taught him that duty called for obedience. He had to stay away from good-looking apples of pampering the indulgences.

Daniel is a typical child born during the times of fading communist regimes. Well-fed and loved by his parents, he is looking to go beyond the grey dream of command economy lifetime employment and the government pension. Until the war came and shattered even that and new times reveal the craving for standing on the firm rock and escaping the quicksand of an inherited life.

His desires change and his feeble habits follow. But what seemed to the rosy people with smiles on their faces, his family and peers turned out to be reactive to the core. They refuse to support him any longer.

Against all odds, Daniel decides to make a commitment in a situation that seemed hopeless. His only victory are the lessons learned from the struggle. But slowly, he builds on the lessons and creates the life he desired, even though it looked different from his initial draft.

Finally, some of his projects succeeded and his character is forever shaped by the battle. The battle for his sacrifice.

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