Become Rich Meditating

Become Rich Meditating

Author: Ariananda Mahasaya Ridishta
Length: 141 page(s)
Written: July 2018
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Category: Biographies & Memoirs » Religious biography  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: Technique, meditation, Yoga, spiritual teachers, Babaji, Jesus, spirituality, Vedic philosophy, Hinduism, Yogananda, Lahiri, rich, money, wealth, fortune, astral travel, unfolding, soul.

Meditation techniques for unfolding and communication with astral planes.

Did you ever think that meditation could be used to WIN THE LOTTERY? Then discover how the author developed very simple meditation techniques that allowed him to see the result of lottery draws while meditating.

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Disciple of the great masters of India, he intends to transmit the knowledge revealed to him, as a way to create a change of consciousness in the people to whom his words may reach.

Discípulo de los grandes maestros de la india, pretende transmitir los conocimientos revelados a él, como manera de crear un cambio de consciencia en las personas a las que puedan llegar sus palabras.

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Customer Reviews (6 reviews)  
Excellent Apr 13, 2019
by Anonymous
Very well written, a friend gave me his other book, the angels of babaji and it's amazing!

I'm fascinated Apr 13, 2019
by Grace Mcadams
The stories narrated by the author are incredible, and explains very well the techniques of meditation, I have already seen future situations with their practices, I recommend it, it is fascinating

I recommend it Apr 13, 2019
by Anonymous
I still can not win the XD lottery but I've already learned to communicate with my spiritual guides, and life has changed me completely

Amazing¡¡¡¡ Apr 13, 2019
by Anonymous
I opened myself to existential perceptions that helped me overcome the difficult situations I was going through, I am eager to read your second book

it's great Apr 13, 2019
by George Michael
I can not stop reading it, I was able to do my first astral trip with the unfolding technique taught by the author, I love it

¡I LOVED! Apr 12, 2019
by rachel winston
! OMG ¡is surprising the author's stories, I change my way of understanding life, I am already practicing the meditation techniques that he teaches and I FEEL GREAT

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