Big Business

Big Business

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Author: Russ Crossley
Length: 47 page(s)
Written: Mar 2012
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: humor, family, space opera, science fiction, satire, aliens, marketing, food addiction, space travel, corporations, payback, hamburgers, fast food, faster than light travel, deep fried food, bonus story, bonus

This story will illustrate how payback is a dish best served greasy.

Ever wonder how in the novel Attack of the Lushites, Trixie Pug and her ex-husband, Herman became so embittered toward each other?

This story will illustrate how payback is a dish best served greasy.

A science fiction satire set in the far future where giant fast food corporations control the galaxy and he who's the fattest wins.

Includes the bonus story, Countdown.

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International selling author, Russ Crossley writes romance under the name R.G. Hart, mystery/suspense under the name R.G. Crossley, and science fiction and fantasy under his own. This year there will be re-issues the romantic comedies, Bachelorette: Zombie Edition by Champagne Books, and Antique Virgin by 53rd Street Publishing, paranormal romantic comedy, Zomopolis, and a new western romance entitled, The Fire In Their Hearts co-authored with R.S. Meger will be published in 2013 by Champagne Books. Also, look for another Aloha adventure, Bloody Betty Queen of the Pirates coming in the spring of 2013 from Champagne Books.

In addition the near future suspense novel, The Last Serial Killer by R.G. Crossley was recently released by 53rd Street Publishing in ebook and trade paperback versions.

He has sold several short stories that have appeared in anthologies from Pocket Books, St. Martins Press, at Smashwords, Amazon, and other e-retail sites.

With his wife, romance author R.S. Meger, he owns and operates a small press publishing company, 53rd Street Publishing. The company began in April 2011 and now has over one hundred e-book titles and a number of print titles, with more planned in 2012 and 2013.

He is a member of SF Canada and the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America. He is also an alumni of the Oregon Coast Professional Fiction Writers Master Class taught by award winning author/editors, Kristine Katherine Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

To find a complete listing of his work check out his website,'s blog can be found at

Feel free to contact him on Facebook or Twitter. He loves to hear from readers

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