Body Swap

Body Swap

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Author: Jerome Parisse
Length: 170 page(s)
Written: Feb 2011
Sales Rank: 14 XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 9480

Category: Children's eBooks » Ages 6-12  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: supernatural, paranormal, romance, suspense, adventure, afterlife, grieving, body swap, out of body, family, friendship, love

The world's first text message adventure romance with the other side!

Out of the blue, thirteen year old William and friend Pat receive a text message plea from cyberspace:

Stephanie has exited her body during a coma and needs their help to return to her body!

The two friends' initial solution misfires and a disastrous mix up occurs. William ends up trapped in Stephanie's body and shut out of his own. In Stephanie's body, William experiences things girls have to live with, from unwelcome approaches, to bras and high heels. The situation becomes even more desperate when Pat falls in love with Stephanie. But time is running out. To coordinate and apply the required body swap reversal therapy tests the three friends' formidable skills and energies to the limit.

Will William stay in Stephanie's body forever?
And who the hell is the evil creature now inhabiting his own body?

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Jerome Parisse was born in France, where he developed a love for language, literature and good food. In his early thirties, he moved to Australia where he is now based.

Jerome has always been interested in the world of theatre. He studied acting in Sydney and Paris and has performed in Australia and in France. Jerome is also a successful playwright, having had many plays produced in Australia, America, Malaysia, the UK and Singapore. One of his plays, Love and Light, has been produced more than ten times times and performed more than fifty times in five countries.

Jerome can speak several languages, including Australian Sign Language, in which he performs on a regular basis. He is deeply involved with the deaf community in Sydney. One of his plays, My Sister's Choice, was written for both hearing and deaf audiences and involves spoken English and Sign Language.

Jerome writes the kind of stories he enjoys reading, fast paced adventures in which his characters struggle with identity, feelings and difficult choices. He writes in English and in French.

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