Brain Function and Dysfunction

Brain Function and Dysfunction

theoretical neuroscience from a physicist/engineer's perspective

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Author: Anand Madhu
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Written: Nov 2015
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the owner's guide to the human brain

Alzheimer's Disease is rapidly increasing in prevalence. This pandemic of the post-industrial age wreaks havoc on the elderly people (some as young as 40), particularly in the richer and more powerful nations. With only a few weak hypotheses, its cause is not understood; all proposed medicines have either failed clinical trials or proven ineffective.

In this book, I lay out a new, relatively stronger and more broad-based theory of dementia causation, exploring beyond Matsuyama's 1989 theory that held pervasive Microtubule collapse to be a key characteristic of dementia. In brief: Psychological functions are carried out by neurocircuits containing myriads of Dopaminergic and Norepic systems; due to excessive electrical signalling in "dopamine-heavy" types of brains -- the signal conducting micro-tubules break down, causing the neuronal collapse which characterizes dementia. More the average signalling volume (due to more deployment of low-grade dopaminic rather than advanced Norepic behavioral circuits), more the stress (either mechanical and/or thermal and/or chemical stress), which proves fatal in the end; this is the process of dementia.

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