Bruno Mars: The Talented Musician

Bruno Mars: The Talented Musician

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Author: Mike Dayson
Length: 22 page(s)
Written: July 2013
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This book is dedicated to all Bruno's Fans

After graduating from senior high school in 2002 at age 17, Mars decided to leave Hawaii for Los Angeles. Throughout his first few years in California, he struggled to make a development in the music industry. And particularly due to the fact that he had performed so often while growing up in Honolulu, Mars expanded frustrated with waiting for his occupation to progress. It was during this duration that Mars first relied on songwriting. "I just started composing songs when I went up to L.A., because when I was in Hawaii I never ever really had to," he remembers. "But it came from simply finding out that you need to do everything by yourself. It's not like what you see in films, where you walk into a record business and you're given all these terrific songs to sing. You need to write the tune the world is going to wish to hear and play it over and over again.

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Mike Dayson was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1951 and lived in Oaklyn and Cherry Hill until the middle of sixth grade. Then he moved to Springfield, Illinois. His parents were avid readers and they gave that love of books and reading to him. He didn’t think about being a writer at all back then, but he did love to read. He found a link between reading good books and becoming a writer. That way he started his career writing articles, blogs e-books and now is preparing to start his best book ever about SciFy.

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