Buenos Aires in the Flesh

Buenos Aires in the Flesh

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Author: cristozigh
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 98 page(s)
Written: Jan 2018
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This book is a “journey” through the history of Buenos Aires City.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital city. It is a dynamic, modern
and cosmopolitan city where the best part of the country’s economic
activity takes place. Buenos Aires Harbour has been the centre
of commerce between the “Spanish Americas” and the rest of
Europe since the beginning of River Plate Virreinato – this was
the name given to the political organization of the state before the
conformation of the democratic modern state of Argentina. Such
was the importance of said harbour that the first settlers of the
city were called – and are still called – Porteños, or “Harbour-ites”.

This book is a “journey” through the history of Buenos Aires City
from the viewpoint of fashion and photography. The various
sceneries and cultural spots of the city will be explored via the
“language” of fashion.

This books provides the reader with both an urban and a suburbian
view of the City, which used to be part of the “rural area” of the city.
The photographs depict the cultural capital of the city – its
eclectic character, its customs, its life round the harbour and in
the slums, its architecture and its glamorous and, at the same
time, mysteriously dark nightlife.

We can also find out about its rich natural resources in the
nearby area, its country houses, its “pulperías” or taverns, its
folklore, customs, traditions, myths and legends. The surrounding
territory became known as “La Pampa Húmeda” - or “Fertile Land” and
used to be (and still is) the most important productive and economic
resource based on cattle-raising and agriculture. Taking both its natural
and economic resources into account, we can reconstruct the way in
which Buens Aires forged its identity from
the past to the present moment.

This is not a History book. By resorting to the “language” of
fashion, it seeks to provide us with a faithful picture of the
“social representation” of Buenos Aires as perceived by those
who used to (and still) dwell this city: in other words, it intends
to capture Buenos Aires’ idiosincratic nature including its
emblematic and picturesque characters. In a sophisticated
fashion, its aim is to recreate both past and present, which
shaped national culture, focusing on “porteños” and taking into
consideration the key role of the “estancias” (or establishments
for agricultural and cattle-raising production) in the
development of the country.

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