Candida Cure: Essential Information

Candida Cure: Essential Information

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Author: Jim Larsen
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Written: July 2013
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Best ways to get rid of candida

Dietary Do's and Dont's Because candida loves sugar, it needs to be prevented in all its types (dextrose, sucrose, glucose, maltose, lactose, fructose). Say goodbye to all fruits, other than the low sugar ones like strawberries, cherries, and papayas which can be eaten in rigorous moderation. Read the label of every foodstuff you buy to be sure there is no added sugar (a near impossible task nowadays!). Diet is your main tool against candida, however likewise the most aggravating as you will have to quit a lot of foods. Proposal farewell to: wheat, rye, milk, cheese, alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, potatoes, honey, mushrooms, and vinegar: all these foods promote yeast growth or can aggravate currently present yeast colonies.

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