Caribbean Collection of Short Books

Caribbean Collection of Short Books

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Author: Donville Mayers
Length: 91 page(s)
Written: Sep 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Short Stories  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: rhianna, syria.barbados.caribbean, bajan, short stories, obama, west indies, cricket, bajantv, slavery, africa, african, anansi, crocodiles, soca, calypso

This book attempts to capture Caribbean life both real and imaginative.

The book Caribbean Collection of Short Stories seeks to bring to the fore what in the Caribbean is quickly slipping away as we move into a developed society. Our history, as well as what makes us a peculiar people are being eroded and replaced by other things. My attempt to capture life in the Caribbean in the post emancipation period in a real and imaginative way draws heavily on our history as well as our legacy as Africans brought to the the West Indies as slaves. This book is replete with humour, reflecting the fun loving people that we are as West Indians, yet there is still a serious message in it for all.
This book's target audience ranges from seven to one hundred years, male and female (All those who want to learn more about the peoples of the Caribbean and what makes us click). If you want to put your hand on the pulse of the Caribbean start by reading this book. We are a misunderstood people and hopefully on reading the book you would get a better understanding as to what shaped us, what motivates us and what keeps us going. Peoples of the African Diaspora throughout North America and the Caribbean this book is a must for you.
So curl up with this book and take a Caribbean adventure and learn about Anansi, Ozzie Moore and the Sly Mongoose.

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Donville Mayers is an educator by profession and holds a Masters in Education from Mount St. Vincent University in Canada. He is married to Maranda Mayers and is the father of two children, Donnecia and Donneco. Apart from writing he is also involved in film and has produced a number of productions that include Who Killed Richard Burton, Nature Sanctuary of Barbados and The Production of Sugar. He credits God for his accomplishments.

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