Better practices for delivery of information systems

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Author: David Wright
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Written: Dec 2010
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Better practices for delivery of information systems

Better practices for effective delivery of information systems in a multi-project environment. ©

This book is written for people who work at companies that have an IT department to support their non-IT business, with may installed systems, a large backlog of IT changes, a number of projects in progress right now with unlikely target dates, IT staff who overworked and not too happy... you get the point.

This does not have to be the case. "Cascade" shows you how to get out of the current mess and move your company's IT function to a well-managed, productive service, summarized in 13 "Better Practices".

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David Wright is a veteran of over 25 years in the IT trenches. He started as a programmer in the mainframe-dominated 80’s, followed by 20 years as a Business Analyst and Architect, supplemented with stints in project management and testing when limited resources required it.

Mr. Wright has spent time both in operational areas delivering enhanced and new business systems, and in research and development focusing on information system methodologies and tools. The companies he has served in these capacities have ranged from life insurance to express delivery to equipment leasing & financing. In those companies, he has supported both the operational business and supporting functions like Finance, Human Resources, and even IT administration systems.

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