Child Labour In The Industrial Revolution

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Author: Katharina Czerwinski
Length: 15 page(s)
Written: June 2009
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Category: Sciences & Research » Humanities  |  Work: Term paper
Keywords: Child Labour, Child, Children, Labour, Industrial Revolution, Industrial, Revolution, Kinderarbeit, Industrielle Revolution, Kinder

An analysis of the impact of the Industrial Revolution

This paper will be concerned mostly with the impacts of the mechanisation on Britain’s previously manual-labour-based economy and the resulting transformations of social life in the early 19th century. Since the Industrial Revolution is sometimes thought to be a Dark Age in Britain’s history with concern to the employment and working conditions of children, I will raise the question whether juvenile labour indeed ‘sprung into life’ during this part of history or whether and, if it was, under which conditions it was wide-spread also before the commencement of mechanisation. If this is the case, then why is there a common belief that only the Industrial Revolution led to such an appaling extent of child labour? Why was it only then that public outcries for the improvement of working conditions increased? And which factors influenced the slow progress of legislation?

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