Communication Is @ The Core Of Every Business & Relationship

Communication Is @ The Core Of Every Business & Relationship

A Short Course

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Communication is at the core of every business - A Short Course

Communication is at the core of every business. Without effective communication no business can thrive and grow.

The challenge of effective communication is one we all face.

In 1948 Dr Albert Einstein declined the invitation to become the first president of the new state of
Israel. The greatest conceptual and technical genius of his time declined on the grounds that he was not qualified for any position which required an understanding of human relationships, including clear communication.

Communication is the main means by which people can build relationships in the workplace and
elsewhere. It is estimated that more than 90% of today’s leaders fail to communicate with their
employees in a manner necessary for building relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
Without effective communication employees get frustrated and often leave resulting in more money that has to be spend on training new staff.

Written and oral communication skills are critical in securing work and also in performing effectively in your work, and maintaining crucial business relationships.

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