Complementary Book for Mandarin Students

Complementary Book for Mandarin Students

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Author: orna taub
Length: 146 page(s)
Written: June 2014
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Keywords: chinese letter writing format, mandarin language learning materials, easy reading chinese stories, chinese humor, chinese textbook for mandarin students, easy chinese stories with pinyin and english translation, reading chinese comprehension

this book contains many very useful learning material for mandarin students

This complementary book has 5 chapters which includes Chinese short stories and humor,various topics from the Chinese profound culture and common habits of the Chinese people.concludes is a format of a Chinese letter. All the content is written in Chinese characters,followed by pinyin and english.

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About the Author

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My name is orna taub.
I am from Israel and my native language is Hebrew.
But the Chinese language is my biggest hobby and occupation
And I have some good years of learning Chinese experience.
Being a long time students myself and consulting many mandarin
Students ,I am aware quite well to the students needs.
My main occupation is to provide valuable and significant
Learning material to the worldwide mandarin students based on my
Long time learning and experience.
I hope I will be able to contribute to mandarin students learning
In strengthen their basis and enrich them in learning mandarin.
To get more studying material (including free) please visit my site:

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