Conspiracy Cinema

Conspiracy Cinema

Propaganda, Paranoia and Politics

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Author: World Headpress
Length: 288 page(s)
Written: Mar 2017
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Category: Art » Film & Television  |  Work: Study
Keywords: conspiracy, conspiracy theory, 9-11, 9/11, JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, illuminati, assassination, cinema, Roswell, chemtrails, AIDS,

A book that reviews and analyzes conspiracy documentaries.

Conspiracies are a growing influence on the contemporary political imagination, thanks mostly to the unprecedented phenomenon author DAVID RAY CARTER has entitled 'conspiracy cinema' - documentaries mostly freely available over the internet, that present a conspiratorial explanation for an event or series of events, including everything from 9/11 to the Kennedy assassinations, Roswell to the AIDS pandemic.

Incredibly, an estimated half a billion people around the world have watched one of these films at some time or other, yet this is the first book to exclusively address what is indubitably the definitive cinematic movement of the internet generation. And Conspiracy Cinema does not address it in a dry, academic fashion. Rather, Conspiracy Cinema presents a light, funny, interactive (all the films addressed are freely available at the touch of button online) guide to this transgressive, intriguing and immensely popular form of modern entertainment.

Chapters focus on conspiracy, ranking the documentaries, and evaluating the plausibility of both official and conspiratorial explanations.


David Ray Carter Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, David Ray Carter began writing about film in 2000. In addition to reviewing several thousand films, he’s lectured on cinema and other obsessions in the US and the UK.

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