Creator Heart

Creator Heart

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Author: Begoña True
Length: 38 page(s)
Written: 2011
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Category: Art » Painting & Drawing  |  Work: Story / Narration
Keywords: creator heart, begoña true, my love story, unconditional love, self love, new energy, new consciousness, shaumbra, I am that I am, creator, beauty of life, art, books, short stories, I am god also, conscious breath, breathing, joy, laughter, magic, amazing,

This is my love story, which is with me. Poems and illustrations

This is my love story, which is with me. I love myself uncondionally and therefore I can be. It is my True Love Story. And the main difference with "Remebering Home" is that after you wake up, you become aware of your self love, the love your divine has for you but also the true love you have for your divine until there becomes a point where you don't make this difference anymore and it is just your own love. The longingness for home, the sadness, it all dissapears, because you are finally home, enjoying and fully aware of the beauty of life, yourself and your creations.

So this book are poems and illustrations inspired by what True (me Divine) was telling me about myself and the beauty of life and how to make true my dreams. It also includes love poems I wrote to True.

It is written in English and Spanish instead of one English version and another Spanish version.

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New energy artist and teacher
I call it new energy or new consciousness because it is different from the old and usual ways of doing things. I believe there is much more beyond what our mind and physical senses perceive. Being aware of these other things or dimensions is what many call magic, I call it consciousness, though magic is also a word I love, because it expresses beauty and unexpected things.
Art is an amazing way to explore these magical dimensions and create from this state of consciousness is way more easy, fun and the results are unique and personal.

Artista y Profesora de la Nueva Energía

Yo lo llamo la nueva energía o una nueva consciencia, ya que es diferente de las formas antiguas y habituales de hacer las cosas. Creo que hay mucho más allá de lo que nuestra mente y los sentidos físicos perciben. Ser consciente de estas cosas o dimensiones es lo que muchos llaman magia, yo lo llamo consciencia, aunque la magia es también una palabra que me gusta mucho, porque expresa belleza y cosas inesperadas.
El arte es una manera increíble para explorar estas dimensiones mágicas y crear a partir de este estado de consciencia es mucho más fácil, divertido y los resultados son únicos y personales.

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