Cult People

Cult People

Tales from Hollywood’s Exploitation A-list

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Written: Mar 2017
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Category: Art » Film & Television  |  Work: Interview
Keywords: cult film, cult cinema, interviews, David Carradine, Wes Craven, Alien, Star Wars, zombie, vampire, exploitation, living dead, horror, science fiction, x men, superhero, troma, hollywood, independent film,

Interviews with stars of crossover and cult cinema.

CULT PEOPLE by Nicanor Loreti features a selection of interviews, conducted by Nicanor Loreti, with many of the world’s most fascinating and renowned stars of crossover and cult cinema, including amazing first-hand accounts of the making of ALIENS, SUSPIRIA, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET & countless other classic pictures.

Exclusive interviews with the leading lights of cult cinema; 30 stars and directors; the coolest of the cool. Loreti’s knowledge and enthusiasm opens up his subjects on the unbelievable world of the alternative Hollywood as never before. As well as being a great source of cinema history, CULT PEOPLE is also enormously entertaining, with tales of mass zombie auditions, crews and casts stranded in distant lands without funding, and perilous attempts to make a low budget movie in the North Pole.



DAVID CARRADINE (Kill Bill, Kung Fu), WES CRAVEN (Last House on the Left, Scream), MICHAEL ROOKER (Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, JFK), LANCE HENRIKSON (Aliens), MICHAEL IRONSIDE (Starship Troopers), ALBERT PYUN (Dollman), ANTHONY TAYLOR (Incubus), BILL MCKINNEY (Deliverance) BILLY DRAGO (The Untouchables), BRUCE DAVISON (X Men), DAN O’BANNON (Alien, Return Of The Living Dead), IRVIN KIRSHNER (The Empire Stikes Back), MICHAEL IRONSIDE (V, Total Recall), WILLIAM SANDERSON (Bladerunner).



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nicanor Loreti is a journalist and filmmaker. As a journalist, Nicanor has contributed to Fangoria, Shock Cinema and others, and is internationally known for his interviews and articles. He has also made several short films, among them the James Gunn produced El Kuervo and a documentary about the Argentinian cult rock band Hermetica called La H. Nicanor is due to shoot his film Diablo, which won the “Best Screenplay by a Newcomer” Prize awarded by Argentina’s Film Institute. He lives in Buenos Aires with his girlfriend Guadalupe and their cat Agatha.

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