Debt-free states with just two sentences

Debt-free states with just two sentences

It is without any logic that states borrow their own money

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Written: Oct 2017
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Proposal to all states and UN: modifying central bank state laws

Just two sentences in the central bank law enable states
- to become debt-free
- to self-finance the state budget without borrowing money.

The logic behind a currency:
- the currency is originated by state law
- the owner of the currency is the state, not the central bank
- the central bank is an agency of the state
- the task of the central bank is manage the currency on behalf of the state
- the profit of the central bank is due to the state
- no state has the right to make the funding of the state budget dependent on decisions of private
- investors

All money is self-made by the central bank on behalf of the state

The United Nations only take proposals from their member states,
therefor I need the help of you, the reader

Readers: go to your government
force them to submit the proposal to the United Nations
to get a debt-free country

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