6 Delicious Thai Dinners

6 Delicious Thai Dinners

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Author: Lorenz, John
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Written: Mar 2013
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The goal of our cook books are to simplify making excellent Thai dinners in your

The goal of our cook books are to simplify making excellent Thai dinners in your own home. Along with our recipes, we teach and explain every step of each meal, from ingredients through preparation, sauces, chili, curries and timing. We have incorporated step by step photographs to follow along with as you cook each meal. Our authentic and original Thai recipes are written in English, along with their correct Thai phonetic pronunciation. 6 Delicious Thai Dinners is a unique cook book because of its authors’ particular backgrounds, training, and inspiration to create perfection at home. All of the ingredients necessary to make our meals are available in the West, and we include possible alternatives to customize each recipe to meet your needs. Please visit us on the web for stories, recipes, and a full list of all ingredients with photos, at www.deliciousthaidinners.blogspot.com

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Natthaphorn Duangkaeaw (Ploy) is twenty-three years old, born in Bangkok, the home of her father's family. Ploy is an excellent chef, learning from her own father, who has taught Natthaphorn how to make Central Thai meals for her entire life. At twelve years old, her family moved to Lamphoon, in Northern Thailand, outside of Chiang Mai. Upon arriving, Natthaphorn was taught how to cook Northern Thai food by her grandmother in their new home. A variety of high quality home cooked Thai food is something Ploy has enjoyed her entire life, and is now willing to share. John Lorenz was first sent to Thailand in 2003, as part of a University research field trip. He instantly became enamored with Thailand, its people and unbelievable food. John has learned how to speak the Thai language, and has extensively traveled through the northern Thai Provinces. He has also lived in Southern Thailand on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. For the last eight years he has been taught how to prepare a variety of authentic Thai meals. John's good friend is the owner of a small restaurant next door to his home in Chiang Mai. They regularly prepare meals for customers together. John has also been the guest chef on two episodes of a cooking show broadcast in the United States, where he introduced two of his favorite Thai dinners. Ploy and John have been cooking together for the last four years. They are regularly asked by friends to teach Thai cooking during their visits to America. Combining English and Thai languages, along with their unique backgrounds in Thai cuisine, makes it their pleasure to teach you their favorite Thai meals, now easily prepared in a western kitchen. They have created an affordable step by step pictographic cookbook, by two discerning Thai cooks, for everyone to be able to taste at home.

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