Diaries of the Cheshire Girls

Diaries of the Cheshire Girls

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Author: Hatter
Length: 135 page(s)
Written: June 2014
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Drama  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: Diaries, Diary, Diaries of the Cheshire Girls, Girls, Cheshire, addiction, financial abuse, Death, Death of a child, teen pregnancy,

Diaries is a dark woman's drama that is narrated by Chelsea O'hara from her coma

Diaries is a dark woman's drama that is narrated by anti-hero Chelsea O'hara from a drug-induced coma. She tells her story in retrospect covering issues faced by her and her three closest friends. Awaiting her death she speaks candidly about the drug trade, life in early sobriety, drunkorexia and much more. Any woman will be easily able to relate to the obstacles these captivating women over-come. This book series is certain to show the complicated beauty of woman's self-empowerment.

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Hatter is the pen name used by Angel Dunworth author of YA short stories “Snapshots From Home” Dunworth created the character Hatter in order to illustrate the pure absurdity that ensues when our torments are left internalized. She is quoted as saying, “There are too many issues out there that are transforming into tragic statistics and will continue to until they are brought to light. I created Hatter and the Shattered Looking Glass series as a sort of cracked evolution of what Wonderland might have evolved into if it existed today.”

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