Different forms of address

The struggle between Du and Sie in the German language

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Author: Ingeborg Kazek
Length: 13 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2008
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Category: Sciences & Research » Humanities  |  Work: Hausarbeit
Keywords: Forms of address, power form, solidary form, pronominal terms of address

Hausarbeit auf Englisch

The forms of address are continously subject to changes. They represent an invisible barometer for the public mood. When people feel free and not patronized, they tend to the liberal solidarity form “du”. Does the economic situation change to worser conditions and more competion among colleagues the power form”Sie” drives out the solidary form. Forms of address are generally used to initiate and maintain social contact between speaker and addressee in the course of the interaction. In this essay there will be talked about the pronominal terms of address in general and about the forms of address in Germany.

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