Dolphin In A Wheelchair: My Struggle

Dolphin In A Wheelchair: My Struggle

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Author: Henry Washington
Length: 56 page(s)
Written: June 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Humour  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: funny, bizarre, outrageous, surreal, comedy, self-help, parody, silly, stupid, crazy, ebook

Self-help parody. Bizarre, off the beam humour.

Dolphin In A Wheelchair: My Struggle.

In this work of comedic fiction, Henry Washington mixes the serious with the stupid. The self-help novel is turned upside down in this book: spanked, coated with tar and feathers and reinvigorated.

Henry mixes his views on drugs and alcohol, gangs and even the paranormal, with bat shit humour.
I laughed, I almost fell over. But I felt better after reading this. I don't think I learned anything, but it is a vital addition to any library.

If you want a cheap laugh and are not easily offended, you could do much worse than this book.

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Henry Washington is one of the funniest writers ever. Born in America, Henry is by far one of the most bizarre characters ever to grace the face of this earth.

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