Doomsday Court

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Author: Wolfgang Fischer
Length: 1 page(s)
Written: Mar 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Poetry  |  Work: Poem
Keywords: doomsday, court, doomsday court, shadow, dim, grey, light, fear, companion, guide, delight, lore

Imagine the dancing shadows on your way to the doomsday court ...

Dancing shadows in dim gray light
fear, my companion, my faithful guide
on our way to the doomsday court

What do you think of the judge of the doom,
is he nasty or good?

And, goddamn, what are you eager to get?

And will you finally get it?

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About the Author

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I was an outcast in kindergarden, two years of being teased in elementary school by peers and much older students, being massively bullied the whole six years of secundary school and faced ongoing nastyness after having finished school.

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