Dragons Fire and the Brave Little Prince

Dragons Fire and the Brave Little Prince

Long Ago Little Kingdom series Book 1

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Author: Robert M. Yelverton
Length: 8 minutes
Written: Mar 2011
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Keywords: Children's, Fairy Tale, Bed Time Story, King, Queen, Prince, Dragon

This is a Children's Fairy Tale/Bed Time Story with a morale

A Childrens Fairy Tale/Bed Time Story. In the land of the Long Ago Little Kingdom a dragon is on the loose, the Queen is missing, 200 Knights are gone, and the Brave Little Prince goes on his own in search of his mother.
This is not your average dragon slayer fairy tale. Trust me. Parent tested and Loved. Children tested and Loved. This is sure to become a classic one day.

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About the Author

Robert M. Yelverton | Author on XinXii.com

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Ever since being little my Mom says that I have had a very active imagination. In my school years I did write stories and also tell them. Sadly they are all gone with the exception of a few poems.

In my middle years I was still writing. Adding short books and short stories. I thought my works would be safe on a new thing called a word processor and later a clunky computer. Once again that was not the case.

Now in my later years I am bound and determined to save something of all the writings that I have done and will do.

Yes, I still have my active imagination, its just my mind that is slipping now. LOL!

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