Elecyronics For You, September 2013

Elecyronics For You, September 2013

September 2013

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Author: EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Length: 190 page(s)
Written: Aug 2013
Sales Rank: 16 XinXii Sales Rank
Views: 3703

Category: Business & Politics » Economics  |  Work: Magazine
Keywords: Electronics, EFY, projects, Electronics For You, IC, medical electronics, core electronics, Semiconductor, Integrated Circuits, IC, industrial electronics, medical electronics, EDA, Electronic design automation, active components, passive components, display technology, MEMS, sensors

Electronics For You, was launched in January 1969,

The EFY Group’s first magazine, Electronics For You, was launched in January 1969, when the Indian electronics industry was still at a nascent stage. Today, it has grown into South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine. In fact, the name ‘EFY’ Group has been coined from the abbreviation of this magazine’s title. The magazine’s goal is to keep the electronics fraternity updated with the latest technical trends and information. It also keeps hobbyists busy with the circuit ideas and construction projects it carries every month. And it helps end users decide on which electronic product to buy when they enter a shopping mall. The CD that accompanies each issue of this magazine carries a host of useful software and games.

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